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shopping cart templates, oscommerce templates, cre loaded 
templates, zencart templates, magento templates

oscommerce template system explained

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Directory Structure

Figure 1.0 Oscommerce default directory structure
Figure 1.0 Oscommerce default directory structure

Technically, oscommerce 2.2RC2 does not have a built in template system. Instead of having a separate section just for design, oscommerce integrates the design into each of its cart pages. When you are creating a template for this cart, you will be modifying the existing files as there is no way to separate the design from the actual source code.

The image attached shows the default directory structure of oscommerce.

In oscommerce, the files and folders that are mostly used in the template customization will be discussed below. Depending on the template, you may see all or only some of the files/directories listed. ( Consider / as the directory root. )


This folder contains the essential parts of the template.In it you will find the files that define the layout of the template ( for example, header, footer ), the CSS, javascript and images that comprise the template . This is the place where you will go should you decide to customize the template .


contains the php files of the info box components  that can be used in either left or right column in your page. A sample of the infobox components that are available to you for use are the best_sellers, categories, currencies and information info box. To use one of the components, you will need to add a reference to them in either the includes/column_left.php or includes/column_right.php file.


holds all the core classes used by the cart. It is also where you will find the boxes.php file which is used by the template to build the product boxes.


this folder contains the core file that runs the application. Basically classes, cart functions, constant variables, languages and etc. Below are the folders placed inside includes folder:

  •  /includes/functions/

    contains files where common cart functions are defined . In this directory you find the html_output.php file. This file is updated by the cart to implement the dynamic button system used by the template .

  • /includes/languages/

    constant variable values used by the cart, in different languages, are defined here. Depending on the template, there may be language files here that are used by the template

  •  /includes/modules/

    code that displays and formats the product listings is stored here. Typically, your will find a file for the general design of the product listing here but, there may also be a file for the new products and also purchased products listing.

  •  /images/

    contains the default images used in the cart such as product, manufacturer, categories, banners and other images. At times, images used by the template can be found in this directory.

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