How do I configure the main page banners of template CS03C00477

The main page banners on template CS03C00477 are separated in to two parts: (1) the rotating flash banner and (2) the 3 promo banners .

To configure the rotating flash banner, log in to your store admin and click on Administration then, Add-ons . On the Add-ons page, look for CS03C00477 and edit it . The resulting popup page displays the configuration settings for the banner. You should not need to edit the items in the General tab. But, you will need to go to the banners tab if you want to edit any banner item's image, link and title . There will be 7 available banner spots that will be available for you to use .

To configure the promotional banners, click on content then, Banners . The three banners are defined as Promo01, Promo02 and Promo03 . Click on the edit link to modify the parameters set for the template .

If you plan to change the layout of the template or change the banners, please make sure to note the existing template settings. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to reset the template back to its original look.

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