Content Management in Magento

In Magento you can use CMS to make your site lively, you can add CMS Block to Pages. CMS Block is a piece of content that you are creating and placed in a structural block. On the otherhand, Structural Block is the Magento layouts, it is how your page is structured. You can place certain things like left, header etc. To add cms block follow the below procedures:

1. Create a CMS Block

In your admin panel go to CMS -> Static blocks

To add new block, check on the picture.

CMS Block is useful when you have repetitive content.

2. Add Content to the CMS Block and save it.

3. Create a Widget Instance - Static Block Type - which reference the CMS Block

In this example we will be creating Facebook widget to be displayed in your preferred pages.

4. Create a Layout Update to tell the Widget Instance to place the CMS Block on the site in a certain structural block and on certain pages

You can use multiple Layout Updates to place a block is different parts or area of your page.

5. Step 5: Repeat Step 4 as needed.

Steps in Creating CMS Page

1. Open your Admin -> CMS -> Pages -> Add a new CMS Page

2. Complete Page Information

3. Complete Content

4. Tweaks Design

5. Enter Meta Data

6. Save the Page

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