How can I modify the product listing for oscommerce?

The product listing code for the templates in oscommerce is located under the includes/modules directory . The default source code for the product listing can be found in the product_listing.php file. This file is where you will find the code for the listing that you see in the category and product listing page.

Depending on the template, you may also find other product listing code in the includes/modules directory. For example, the listing for the new products module on your main page may be located in the new_products.php file in the includes/modules directory. Since this is a case by case basis, should you wish to make a change of the layout of a specific page, you will need to open up the source code of the page and see what kind of listing it is using. If you see a reference to the product listing file, you will need to go to the includes/modules directory and make and edit to the product_listing.php code there. Otherwise, you can make the changes to the layout directly on the file that you are viewing.
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