Table of Contents

  1. Template Structure
  2. CSS Files
  3. Special Features
  4. Installing New Language
  5. PSD Files
  6. Installation
  7. Technical Support

1. Template Structure - top

Below is the directory structure of the template source files.

The main page of this template is coded at /catalog/view/theme/OC04A01101/az_template/template_main.php. Its layout is build by using div with specific id's and classes.

To modify the header and footer:
HTML Structure
HTML Structure

2. CSS Files - top

CSS files used by this template is located at the directory as shown below .

For faster and convenient way of tracing what id or class a certain div is using we suggest to use Firebug, a plugin in Mozilla Firefox. With this, you can can easily inspect specific area of the template and it will provide the css and the location it was coded.

3. Special Features - top

1. Dynamic Banner
At main page their is a dynamic banner, to assign products that are loaded in the slideshow open /catalog/view/theme/OC04A01101/overrides/catalog/controller/module/az_modules.php.
The banners should be placed inside slides folder found at the directory below.

2. Static Banner
Also in main page there are static banners placed at the left side of the dynamic banner module and it configurable at Admin. Open your cart's Admin then Click Extentions -> Modules -> Static Banner

Static Banner

4. Installing New Language - top

To add a new language to your site, you will need to do the following:
1. Download the language pack from the shopping cart support site and install it using the authors instructions .
2. Create a template language file for your newly installed language. On your server, go to the /catalog/view/theme/OC04A01101/az_template/includes/languages/english . Then create a duplicate of the english folder and rename the copied folder to match the directory name of your newly installed language.
3. Navigate to the newly created language directory and find the menu.php file. Edit the file by translating the text from english to your newly installed language.

5. PSD Files - top

Template PSD files are included at graphic_source at root directory. Image below shows the PSD files included in the package and used by the template.

For more information about handling the PSD click here

6. Installation - top

7. Technical Support - top

If you are having issues or any problem related to template, you can submit a ticket at http://algozone.helpserve.com. Please prepare the list below, so we can assist you better:
1) order number
2) description of the problem
3) how to cause the problem to happen . If you are receiving an error, please copy the error and include it with your reply. If you key-entered information on your site, please specify the exact inputs that you entered on the site which will cause the error to happen again. If the error requires logging in to your site, please provide us with the necessary user IDs and passwords
4) URL where we can see the problem is happening
5) FTP/admin access (in case we need to debug or fix the problem)

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