How to change oscommerce templates logo?

To change the logo of the template, change or overwrite the existing image located at:

If your template number starts with OS04, the path should be:

But if it starts with OS03, it is just located inside images directory at homepage.
Then located az_header_logo.png. To make sure that you replace the logo with another image of the same dimension and name, use the template PSD file located under the template_source directory when integrating the logo on to the template design. The template PSD is already set to accommodate the logo and so long as you keep the slices and slice names, you can integrate and export the new logo already ready for use on your site.

If you are interested in repositioning the logo, instead, modify /az_template/css/template_styles.css file. Look for and edit the properties of the id az_header_logo which is CSS class assigned for the logo .
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