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shopping cart templates, oscommerce templates, cre loaded 
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ZenCart Installation Manual

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STEP #1 - Download the template file
You can download the product from your order confirmation email. Look for the download link in this email, click on the link and save the template archive file to your local computer.

If you purchased your template thru, you can also download the template thru your order information page. To get to the order information page, please login to and select your order from the 'previous orders' section . Click on the view button to view the order information page. In the bottom of the page, you will find the download link. Click on the download link and save the file to your local computer.

NOTE: please remember the location where you dowloaded the template file on your local PC.

STEP #2 - Extract the template files from the archive
The download file comes in a standard linux archive format - .tar.gz . To open this file in windows, you can use the winzip.exe or winrar.exe programs. Both applications are available on the web for free.

Please remember the name of the directory where you have extracted the template files. After extracting the template, please go to the directory where you extracted the template files.

STEP #3 - Back up your existing files
Prior to installing the template, make a back up of your current zencart files and keep them somewhere safe.

STEP #4 - If you assigned a database prefix during the Zencart install ...
If you assigned a database prefix during the Zencart install, you need to edit the template sql file in order for the template to install properly. To determine the database prefix, open your includes/configure.php file and look for the value of DB_PREFIX. Once you have the database prefix, please do the following:

(1)  Open ZC03CXXXXX.sql file for editing. This file can be found in the includes/templates/ZC03CXXXXX.

(2)  Search for layout_boxes. Add the database prefix in front of the word layout_boxes.
For example: if your database prefix is zen_ , you will replace all instances of layout_boxes to zen_layout_boxes

STEP #5 - Install template files
In order to install the template, Zencart should already be installed on your server. If you still need to install Zencart on your server, you can get the software at

If your Zencart store is hosted on a remote server, you need to use FTP software to upload( copy ) files to that location. Using the FTP software of your choice:

(1)  Go to the template_source directory of the open archive ( see step 2 ).

(2)  Select all files/directories in the template_source directory and upload( copy ) them to the main directory where your Zencart files are located in your remote server.

Hint: If you see files/directories like index.php, includes, admin ...etc, you are located in the main directory of your Zencart store.

IMPORTANT: Verify that ALL files and directories from the template_source directory are copied to your server succesfully

STEP #6 - Enable the template in admin
To enable the template, please consult the CONFIGURE page of this installation documentation.

Installation is complete.

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